TV White Space/super wifi technology

With 3 billion people and 50 billion IoT devices unconnected, there is an exponentially increasing demand for wireless data connectivity. Many cellular operators are predicting a “spectrum crunch”, an insufficiency of radio spectrum.


Hence, in order to increase capacity whilst maintaining the sparse architecture, it will require increasing large quantities of spectrum. This, however, might bring about concentration of spectrum and the relatively inefficient use that follows. 

But here's the good part:

Currently only 5-15% of the TV Spectrum is being utilized, with tv white space/super wifi equipment we can leverage on this underutilized TV Spectrum to deliver a faster & more cost-effective connectivity solution to bridge this digital divide.

Connect without barriers with tv white space/super wifi 

Tracking every aspect of your business is incredibly valuable. From wireless communication at sea to rural areas to agriculture. With tv white space/super wifi technology - the first license-exempt, long distance wireless communication super wifi - tracking has never been so easy.


TV white space and how it works

Super wifi? TV White space? As you will see throughout this page, they are essentially the same. TV white space is super wifi and super wifi is simply the existing license-exempt technology Wi-Fi, but much better. 

So how does super wifi work?

In almost every part of the world, there are many TV broadcast channels that are unused – these empty channels (blocks of spectrum) are known as “white spaces” as shown above. Super wifi equipment employs on-the-fly geolocation to determine to check channels availability wherever applicable devices are located. Devices will determine their location and query a geolocation database. The devices are not allowed to transmit until they have successfully determined from the database which frequencies, if any, they are able to transmit on their location. Then, the database will the TV white space channels, and at what power level it is permitted to operate on in its current location. This database will also have a list of all other protected TV stations and frequencies across the country, avoiding inference to TV broadcasts and wireless microphone signals.


Alternatively, the system is able to adopt real time scanning feature that is on top of the geolocation database, allowing tv white space to be implemented anywhere at any frequency band as long as the antenna frequency range is supported. This allow super wifi equipment to switch from one group of channels to another. Translating to greater network capacity, greater number of users in a given area while at the same time protecting television reception from interference.


Why use super wifi equipment?

Because it is so much better.

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Benefits of super wifi equipment

TV White Space a.k.a super wifi is similar to the existing license-exempt technology wifi, but it is so much better.

1) Super wifi is capable of transmitting data over longer distance such as 10 kilometers while wifi only works up to 50~100 meters.

2) Super wifi does not require perfect Line-Of-Sight whereas it is a must for wifi over long distance transmission.

3) Super wifi has the capability to reduce overall expenditures through CAPEX and OPEX due to the advantages that it carries.


TV White Space Applications


TV White Space/super wifi equipment has many applications such as Smart Grid, Agriculture Technology, Industry 4.0, Rural Internet, Secured Private Network, Video Surveillance, Wi-Fi/3G/4G range extension and maritime communication. A new area of application is in the world of Internet-Of-Things.

​​Our goal is to replace the high cost of trenching, microwave towers and satellite communication.

TV White Space Regulations

Through the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Singapore is one of the pioneers in the world to have released a regulatory framework for tv white space/super wifi technology. Check out the framework here to find out more on: tv white space/super wifi equipment requirements, spectrum channel availability and proper ways for tv white space/super wifi equipment to communicate with the geo-location databases. 

To summarize:

An estimated 180 MHz of spectrum is made available for tv white space/super wifi usage through the regulatory framework which supports greater capacity and data connectivity. Furthermore, deployment and usage of tv white space/super wifi is license-exempt.

Our team are pioneers in the field of tv white space/super wifi technology and have also contributed largely in early field trials conducted by FCC and IMDA that indirectly helped in the formation of the tv white space/super wifi regulations. So at Whizpace, you will never have to worry about not being able to fulfill or understand the regulations stated. Just contact us and we can help you get started easily.  

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