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TV White Space/

Super Wi-Fi technology

In an increasingly inter-connected world with a majority of it being wireless. There is an endless demand for wireless spectrums but limited supply of it which leads to a spectrum crunch.


Ironically, out of the 100% spectrum allocated, the actual utilization is only 5 to 15%. The main reason for such low utilization rate is because spectrum today is allocated in a fixed manner. If we could use underutilized spectrum dynamically without interfering with the incumbents, this will open up huge opportunities to serve user needs. TV White Space (TVWS) is the first wireless technology to use spectrum in a dynamic manner utilizing unused TV bands.

Our wireless solutions can reach long distances of up to 10km and penetrate through obstacles. These distinct features make previously challenging applications finally possible.

Whizpace offers communication solutions with our TVWS technology by harnessing underutilised spectrums and optimizing its utilization.


We also aim to connect an estimated 3 billion people that are currently unconnected as well as/while also addressing the potential opportunities in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and smart city markets.

What is TV White Space?


In almost every part of the world, there are many TV broadcast channels that are unused. These unused channels are blocks of spectrum which we call ‘white space.’ TVWS device queries a geolocation database to check if there are any channel availability within a specific vicinity. The device would not be allowed to transmit until it has successfully determined from the database which frequencies (if any) and their power levels are allowed to transmit from its location. 


Alternatively, the system is also able to adopt real-time scanning on top of the geolocation database. This would allow TVWS to be implemented anywhere at any frequency band as long as the frequency range is supported by the device. As a result, this translates to greater network performance which is capable of supporting more users while protecting television reception from interference.

What is tv white space?
Why use TVWS?

Why use TVWS?

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Advantages of TVWS

1) TVWS is capable of transmitting data over longer distances of up to 10 kilometers while Wi-Fi only works up to 50-100 meters.

2) Does not require perfect Line-Of-Sight whereas it is a must for Wi-Fi over long distance transmission.

3) TVWS reduces overall expenditures through CAPEX and OPEX due to the advantages that it carries.

Advantages of TVWS

TVWS Applications

TVWS Applications
TV White space/Super WiFi applications include rural internet, extended range wifi, private networks, wireless video surveillances, argi-tech, internet of things, smart grid and industry 4.0

TVWS technology has various applications such as Smart Grid,

Agriculture Technology, Industry 4.0, Rural Internet, Secured Private Network, Video

Surveillance, Wi-Fi/3G/4G range extension and Maritime Communication. The latest area of application is in the world of Internet-of-Things (IoT).


Whizpace aims to replace the high cost of trenching, microwave towers and satellite


TVWS Regulations

With the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) of Singapore, the city-state is one of the few pioneers in the world to have a regulatory framework for TVWS technology. 

Basic requirements/summary of regulatory framework:

  • 180MHz of spectrum is made available for TVWS usage

  • Deployment and usage of TVWS is license-exempted

This allows for greater capacity of radio spectrum and data connectivity.


The Whizpace team are pioneers in the field of TVWS technology and have made great contributions in early field trials by FCC and IMDA which has aided in the development of TVWS regulations. Therefore, clients need not worry about having to understand TVWS regulations when working with us.

TVWS Regulations
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