Use Cases

Smart Farming using TV White Space

Successful broadband applications


Singapore has excellent connectivity on land, but the connectivity in the sea is very limited in spite of busiest and smartest port in the world. We tested TVWS to provide the Wi-Fi coverage to the sea. We had Skype & Facetime video calls from the boat at various locations in the middle of sea up to several km range from the shore. We deployed WhizRange with omnidirectional antenna on the boat and deployed WhizRange base station on the shore.

Connecting Schools

In India, some places do not have good data connectivity. This happens to some schools which inevitably affects the students. We deployed our TVWS solutions to connect up schools. Thanks to the excellent penetration characteristics of TVWS, we are able to 'extend' internet to other schools with our devices even with buildings blocking in between the schools by leveraging on schools with good connectivity. 

Connecting Hospitals 

Myanmar has slow Internet access for some locations. Hospitals find it challenging to send data to other hospitals in a consistent manner. TVWS is chosen to link up hospitals a few kilometers apart. With fast speed, data across hospitals can be shared with each other almost instantaneously. Thus, improving efficiency and potentially saving lives.

Agri-Tech Deployment

Actual deployment in an oil palm plantation with 10km apart and foliage blocking the Line-Of-Sight. Achieved 4.5Mbps with single channel

Wi-Fi Deployment

Provided for Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), a university in Singapore, Wi-Fi without Line-of-Sight in their Car Park.


Successful IoT applications

SG50 National Day Parade 

SG50 is a key event for Singapore in celebrating 50-years of nation building. In this important national-day celebration, innovative technologies are chosen to be showcased. TVWS is used for the Mobile Column parade to stream sensor information from the army tanks to the backend software as other wireless systems are unstable in big crowd. With this, the Mobile Column application is able to locate real time location of the tanks and allow the audience to view real-time information about the tank.

Ad-hoc Crowd Monitoring

For large ad-hoc events, controlling the crowd and ensuring safety is no mean feat. Video surveillance is typically used to assist the tasks above and communicating real-time video is a challenge. Laying cable for ad-hoc event is non-trivial, deploying Wi-Fi has limited range and prone to obstructions, and using 4G in crowded areas will lead to over congested spectrum. TVWS is used on Singapore's 52nd National Day for this purpose due to its ease of deployment. With TVWS, video is streamed to the command center in real-time.

Wireless Sensor Network

In smart cities, wireless sensor networks play critical roles. In clutter environment and when the number of sensors is large, existing wireless solutions find it hard to meet the requirements. TVWS is testbedded to understand the performance under such scenario. With TVWS, signals are stable even when traveling over long distance and across obstacles. The same setup can be applied to many infrastructure and asset monitoring systems.

Industrial 4.0

Whizpace TVWS devices are used to form the backbone network in a US NMC to enable the local WirelessLAN network. More than 20 TVWS devices are used to cover 60,000 m2 of production floor space.

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