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Use Cases

Smart Rural Applications

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Remote Internet

Rural areas often lack internet connectivity due to its vast space. Traditional cabling, microwave link and satellite connections make it costly to connect these areas. TVWS technology however, offers an affordable solution to provide internet connectivity up to 90%.


Precision Agriculture

Farmers can improve their crop yields and resource usage by collecting critical data by using sensors in the various plots of the wide land and sending the information back to a main base. TVWS provides wireless connectivity for backbone layer, last-mile layer and sensor layer.

Smart Rural Applications

Smart Cities Applications



Setting up surveillance systems is critical in Smart Cities but can be troublesome as it requires permit applications and expensive cabling to get internet connectivity. TVWS is the next best option for a more easy and inexpensive method of obtaining internet connections to facilitate a Smart City's surveillance needs be it for long or short-term usage.

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Diversity Link/Private Network

As Smart Cities rely heavily on internet connectivity, TVWS can act as an independent backup link to fibre as it has no single point of failure making it reliable. 


Facility Management

In large estates that require a multitude of data from many dispered sensors to a centralised command centre,  TVWS has the ability to provide internet connections with little interference from blockages and no disruptions from 4G users in the area. Establishments will be able to save on cellular subscription costs by using TVWS.

Smart Cities Applications
Industry 4.0 Application

Industry 4.0 Applications

Amidst the 4th industrial revolution, Whizpace TV White space devices are used to form the backbone network in a US NMC to enable the local WirelessLAN network. More than 20 TVWS devices are used to cover 60,000 m2 of production floor space.

Connected Factory

Not only are cities becoming ever-more connected but manufacturing factories and warehouses are now depending on internet connections to operate. Such large sites often have patchy Wi-Fi and cellular connections. Operational expenses can reduce up to 70% by using our TVWS device.

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