Whizpace uses tv white space to offer faster and cheaper connectivity solutions for your communication solutions.

TV White Space

Long distance (10km)
No line-of-sight required
Easy deployment

What is tv white space?

TV White Space (tvws) a.k.a super wifi, are wireless spectrums in the tv bands that are not being fully utilized by licensed services, such as tv broadcasting, and are made available for other users on secondary basis.



A world where everyone and everything can be affordably connected for better lives.


To connect people, systems and devices together using quality products with innovative dynamic spectrum sharing technology.

Meet Whizpace

The world is getting more inter-connected with the bulk of the new connections being wireless. With infinite demands but finite supply of wireless spectrum, spectrum crunch begins to happen.

Whizpace provides communication solutions to harness underutilized spectrum in an opportunistic manner using intelligent technologies to enable better utilization of spectrum. We start with the opportunistic use of tv spectrum using this technology which is termed as tv white space or a.k.a. super wifi.

Whizpace is a spinoff from Singapore’s national research organisation, A*STAR. We specialize in developing products using tv white space technology where our wireless solutions can reach very long distance and penetrate through obstacles. With these characteristics, many applications which were previously challenging are now made possible.

In particular, we are adopting tv white space to connect the next 3 billion people that are currently unconnected and at the same time addressing the huge opportunities in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and smart city markets.


What we do

Managed Network 

We design and deploy wireless turn-key solutions for our valued customers using Whizpace products. We also help our customers manage their network for different applications. 

Network Design

With our strong expertise in the Networking Field and with a profound knowledge of tv white space technology, we’ll work with you to recommend the best network design to meet your every needs.

TV White space product, WhizRange
Project Consultancy

With our vast experience in the wireless communication industry and network deployments for tv white space, we help customers design their network and plan for their deployment with Whizpace products


We integrate our tv white space communication modules into our partners’ smart devices to offer a total solution for IoT or IoT applications. If you have any applications where you need our communication solutions, please feel free to contact us for a discussion.

Why Choose Whizpace?

We differentiate from our competitors by having better product mix to address different applications, easier setup, patented IPs with innovative architecture to lower cost of equipment and more secured connectivity. We are also the only company that offers small form-factor tv white space modules. As the only tv white space company in the Asia Pacific region also gave us advantage in better understanding of customers as well as providing timely support.

Comparing to 4G and NB-IoT, we allow users to own their own networks with full control and preserve their data from access by third parties besides savings on monthly subscription cost. Our solutions also offer much better coverage than Wi-Fi and have more than 10 times capacities compared to LoRa, SigFox and ZigBee.



WhizNano and WhizMesh (tv white space equipment) are perfect for the IoT ecosystem and its integration with the cloud using on the air update was unparalleled and extremely unique. The coverage and speed of the devices were just awesome. We were able to connect a lot of our devices in a long range and further edge computing activity, allowing us to finally send our data to the cloud for further analytics. The device is not only robust, but quick to integrate into our mainstream data communication.” 


—  Pullak Kumar Parija, Co-Founder of AltraSafe Tech Solutions 


Use Cases:

Smart Farming using tv white space

Agriculture is the world’s largest industry generating around $2.4T of revenue globally. But, it is very inefficient with lots of wastage.


For example, palm oil plantations are capable of yielding up to 18 tons of palm oil/hectare, however, the yield now is only up to 3.3 tons/hectare. Additionally,the average yield in India for sugar cane plantation is up to 90 tons/hectare, due to farmers either under or over utilizing water & fertilizers.

At Whizpace Pte Ltd, we provide tv white space solutions to bridge this gap. By suggesting when to and how much to irrigate and fertigate, it has resulted in an award winning farmer's yield of 400 to 500 tons/hectare. Watch the video to find out how!


Ready to find out more?

Is tv white space an unlicensed spectrum?

TV White space has both licensed and unlicensed components.

Is tv white space spectrum left over after analog to digital switchover?

TV White space is not necessarily spectrum left over after digital switch over. In fact a lot of countries started to use tv white space even when their analog is still in operation. Digital switch over opens up more opportunities for tv white space. 

Does tv white space technology make use of broadcasting for communication?

TV White space has nothing to do with broadcasting except that it uses the same wireless spectrum as broadcasting. 

Is tv white space allocated to somebody and only they could offer tv white space services?

As long as the secondary systems meet certain criteria set by regulators, they are allowed to use tv white space spectrum. Spectrum allocation typically happens to licensed services. 

What applications can tv white space technology be applied to? 

The uses cases for tv white space include Smart Grid, Agriculture Technology, Industry 4.0, Rural Internet, Secured Private Network, Video Surveillance, Wifi/3G/4G range extension, maritime communication and Internet of Things (IoT).


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